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Elaine Ashburn’s journey as an artist began in the heart of New York City, where her early encounters with discarded objects sparked a profound fascination. This curiosity led her to capture the essence of items most would overlook, transforming them through her camera’s lens into captivating subjects worthy of preservation. Ashburn’s unique artistic path unfolded against the backdrop of her New York upbringing, where museum visits and urban explorations laid the groundwork for her creative pursuits. Her transition from an observer of the forgotten to a creator of digital art marked the emergence of her signature style: Digital Découpage.

This innovative approach evolved from Ashburn’s background in advertising and her adept skills in Photoshop, shaping a distinct artistic voice that seamlessly blends traditional artistry with digital prowess. Through Digital Découpage, she crafts layered, textured compositions that resonate with viewers, inviting them into a world where the once disregarded becomes mesmerizingly beautiful. Ashburn’s art is a testament to her persistence and evolving skill set, drawing from a rich educational background in commercial art and a deep appreciation for the narratives embedded in everyday objects.

Elaine Ashburn’s artistic narrative is not just about creating art; it’s about redefining beauty and value in our everyday world. Her dedication to preserving the stories of discarded objects through digital media showcases a commitment to innovation and a unique perspective on the art of preservation. As her style matured, so did the depth and complexity of her creations, reflecting a journey that is as much about personal growth as it is about artistic evolution.



Elaine Ashburn’s body of work, characterized by the term “Digital Découpage,” stands at the intersection of technology and traditional artistry. Her creations are a dynamic synthesis of her education in painting, drawing, and photography, infused with a digital flair that makes each piece distinctly Ashburn. This fusion not only defines her style but also enhances the narrative quality of her art, allowing her to delve into themes of myths and fantasies with a contemporary edge. Her pieces are visual stories, layered in meaning and rich in detail, inviting the viewer to explore deeper narratives within.

By integrating AI technologies into her practice, Ashburn has expanded the possibilities of Digital Découpage, introducing a new dimension to her work that challenges the conventional boundaries of art. This advancement reflects her commitment to experimentation and her eagerness to explore the uncharted territories of digital artistry. The result is a portfolio that not only captures the imagination but also stimulates thoughtful reflection on the relationship between technology and traditional artistic techniques.

The themes of Ashburn’s work, while diverse, consistently reflect her fascination with the fantastical and the mythical. This thematic focus, combined with her innovative approach to digital collage, results in artworks that are both visually captivating and intellectually engaging. Her pieces are invitations to journey into realms of imagination, where the familiar is reenvisioned and the extraordinary is commonplace. Through her art, Ashburn offers a window into worlds where myths come alive, and fantasies materialize, challenging viewers to see beyond the surface and discover the stories hidden within.

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Poseidon’s Muse
Icarus Descending
She who laughs last
Fairies, Ferns and Fog



My journey has always been about transformation and reinterpretation. The objects I encounter, often overlooked by others, whisper stories to me, compelling me to breathe new life into them through my art. My creative process, which I’ve coined as Digital Découpage, is a testament to the beauty I see in the forgotten and the discarded. It’s a method that allows me to layer not just images, but also meanings and narratives, creating a tapestry of the past reimagined for the present. This process is deeply personal yet universally resonant, reflecting our shared human experience of finding beauty in unexpected places.

Incorporating AI into my work has been a transformative experience, allowing me to push the boundaries of Digital Découpage further than I ever thought possible. This technology has become an integral part of my creative toolkit, enabling me to explore new depths of storytelling and visual expression. It’s a partnership that enhances my ability to convey complex emotions and ideas, creating art that resonates on multiple levels. My work is a dialogue between tradition and innovation, a blend of the past and the future, and a celebration of the endless possibilities that arise when art and technology converge.

My motivation to create stems from a desire to communicate, to share perspectives that might otherwise go unnoticed. Through my art, I aim to challenge perceptions, to invite viewers to question and to wonder. The themes I explore, from myths to modernity, are facets of a larger quest to understand our place in the world and to celebrate the human capacity for imagination and reinvention. My art is not just an expression of myself; it’s an invitation to viewers to embark on a journey of exploration, to see the world through a different lens, and to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary.




– A.A.S., Advertising Design, New York City College of Technology
– School of Visual Arts, New York, NY
– Commercial Art Studies, Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.), New York, NY


– Group Exhibition, Agora Gallery, New York, NY, August 2022
– Featured in Times Square, New York, NY, December 2023
– One-Woman Virtual Show, InFlux Gallery, London, January 2024
– Numerous other exhibitions in venues worldwide, totaling over 50


– Inducted into Influx Gallery’s (London, UK) Best of 2022, Hall of Fame, January 2023
– 2022 Artavita Artist of the Year Finalist, January 2023

As Featured In:

– Featured article in the Hudson Independent
– Various digital exhibitions and international art shows, reflecting a dynamic and evolving digital art career





Instagram: @elaineashburn