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What is MyBio?

Who can create a page on MyBio?

How do I create MyBio?

Follow these four easy steps:

  • 1. Select Your Plan:
    Choose between our two available plans: Annual or Lifetime. Whether you’re interested in an annual commitment or a lifetime solution, we have the right option for you.
  • 2. Submit Your Order Form:
    Complete the order form with your basic information and submit your payment.
  • 3. Share Your Story:
    After submission, you’ll receive detailed instructions on how to upload photos of your work and a basic questionnaire. Your answers will help us craft a portfolio that genuinely represents your artistic identity.
  • 4. Review and Finalize:
    Our curators will take care of everything. Review the draft of your portfolio, provide feedback, and finalize the details to ensure your online presence aligns with your vision. We will not publish until you are 100% satisfied.

Is there a fee to create a MyBio?

How Do I Share MyBio?

Can I update MyBio after it's created?

Why Choose MyBio?

How does MyBio help increase my visibility as an artist?

Do I need to create my own MyBio?

Do I need to write my own MyBio?

Who are the team members and curators behind MyBio?

How can I use MyBio?

Can I export MyBio for offline use?

Does MyBio support direct artwork sales integrations?

What's MyBio's contact for support or inquiries?