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Malina Wieczorek embarked on her artistic journey at the distinguished Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, where she graduated with honors in 1996. Her educational path was diverse, delving into Interior Design under Prof. Barbara Borkowska-Larysz, Graphic Design with Prof. Jacek Siwczyński, and Painting in Prof. Janusz Tarabuła’s studio. This multifaceted training has significantly shaped her creative approach, enabling her to experiment across various artistic domains. Since her debut exhibition in 1994, Wieczorek’s art has been celebrated globally, earning a place in esteemed corporate and private collections, underscoring her broad appeal and the universal resonance of her work.

Wieczorek’s artistic narrative predominantly explores the female form, transcending conventional representations to delve into themes of existence and identity. Her acclaimed ‘Madonnas’ series merges classical iconography with local cultural symbols, challenging and expanding the discourse on femininity and sanctity. This series, like her broader oeuvre, encourages viewers to engage with art on a personal level, interpreting the works through the prism of their experiences and emotions. Wieczorek’s art is not just visually striking but laden with deep emotional and philosophical layers, inviting audiences to a more profound engagement with the subjects she portrays.

In her exploration of thematic content, Wieczorek does not confine herself to the feminine. Her recent forays into depicting masculinity demonstrate her versatile approach to addressing broader existential questions through art. Alongside her artistic endeavors, Wieczorek’s engagement in social marketing showcases her talent in leveraging art for impactful communication, further illustrating her multifaceted talent and deep commitment to societal discourse through artistic expression. Her art serves as a bridge connecting personal introspection with universal themes, creating a dynamic space for dialogue and reflection.



In her extensive body of work, Malina Wieczorek showcases a profound exploration of the human form, particularly focusing on female nudes which she interprets as a canvas to ponder life’s truths and existential queries. The ‘Madonnas’ series stands out as a pivotal part of her portfolio, where she ingeniously integrates traditional religious iconography with regional cultural motifs, offering a fresh perspective on femininity and divinity. These pieces, characterized by their emotional depth and cultural resonance, invite viewers to engage in a dialogue that transcends the visual, encouraging interpretations that are as varied as the audience itself.

Wieczorek’s approach to art is deeply conceptual, often using the human body as a site for abstract expression. Her works, including the ‘Shield’ and ‘ECCE HOMO’ series, extend her exploration to masculinity, providing a nuanced commentary on gender roles and identities. This thematic versatility demonstrates her ability to navigate complex social and personal themes, using her canvas as a platform to interrogate and illuminate the human condition. Her art is not static; it evolves with her, reflecting her growing insights and experiences, thus maintaining a vibrant dialogue with her audience.

Beyond her thematic diversity, Wieczorek’s artistic technique is noteworthy for its combination of traditional and innovative methods. Her distinctive use of color, texture, and form brings each piece to life, making her works instantly recognizable and deeply impactful. The intentional ambiguity and multi-layered interpretation of her art challenge viewers to find their own meanings, making her exhibitions not just displays of artistic talent but also catalysts for personal and communal exploration. Wieczorek’s art is a testament to her commitment to engaging with her audience on a profound level, offering them not just visual beauty but a journey into the depths of human emotion and understanding.



I have been creating female nudes for decades. For me, as a painter, women’s bodies provide a greater palette to ponder the truth of life. They touch on existential problems that affect us all. I am fascinated by the body reduced to a sign, an abstract form, which offers a vast field for imagination and searching for my own answers to the questions of what the painting truly represents.

Women are mothers, lovers, but also ephemeral saints or individuals following their own paths. Perhaps because I am a woman myself, I allow myself certain deformations and simplifications, searching for what cannot be seen. It’s a bit of an experience in itself. Women have been a source of discussion for centuries—what matters, the soul or beauty? What is beauty, really? Because everyone perceives and understands it differently. We are all repeating the same story of creation. All we can do is delve deeper and deeper to understand who we are.

That’s what the Madonna series is all about. My Madonnas refer to both classical iconography and identity related to old local culture. I replaced the halo from classic paintings with a pattern made of folk rollers; sometimes, this halo is off to the side, redefining how it is shown and posing the question of what really constitutes it. At times, one might get the impression that these patterns irritate the body, cut into it, and even hurt. Other times, they are like a flower meadow surrounding the heroines of the painting.

It is this ambiguity and the possibility of self-interpretation, depending on the viewer’s phase of life, personal history, and the mood in which they find themselves, that is most intriguing.




– Academy of Fine Arts, Cracow, Graduated with Honors, 1996.


– FAIR, Warsaw, Norblin Factory, ArtShow, 2023.
– Venice, ITSLIQUID International Borders Art Fair during the Architecture Biennale, 2023.
– London, ITSLIQUID/YMX Arts “CANVAS International Art Fair”, 2023.
– Brussels, “ART3F” International Fair, Monat Gallery, 2023.
– Los Angeles Art Show, ARTIFACT, ART UpCLOSE, 2024.
– New York, Times Square July 4, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery “FUORI E-VENTO”, Individual Show.


– Artist of the Month – July 2023, ITS LIQUID.
– 5th International CFA Artist of the Year Award – Masterful Minds Award, 2024.
– International Talent Art Prize, ARTIO Gallery, 2024.

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