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Tomáš Bittner, known in the art world as TomBitt, embarked on his artistic journey in Hradec Králové in 1977. Initially, Bittner’s work was deeply rooted in artistic woodworking, a craft he honed with passion and precision. His early explorations into wooden art and puppetry laid a solid foundation for his creative expression, though he felt a deeper calling beyond these mediums. This quest for a more resonant form of expression led him to experiment with clay in 2010, enabling him to mold his visions and aspirations into tangible forms. However, it was in 2020 that Bittner experienced a pivotal shift, transitioning to abstract oil painting and discovering a new avenue for his artistic voice.

The transition to abstract art marked a significant transformation in Bittner’s creative process, allowing him to delve into the interplay of shape, color, and form. Through this medium, he creates a dynamic space where personal feelings, societal reflections, and broader narratives converge, offering viewers a window into his introspective world. His structural paintings, characterized by the integration of diverse materials, are not merely visual experiences but evoke a sense of dynamic energy, capturing the essence of his artistic evolution.

Beyond the canvas, Bittner’s artistic process is deeply introspective, driven by a desire to provoke reflection and challenge the consumerist tendencies of contemporary society. His works are imbued with positive energy and optimism, serving as a beacon for viewers to explore their own inner landscapes. Bittner’s journey from woodworking to abstract painting is a testament to his relentless pursuit of self-expression and artistic innovation, reflecting his profound connection to the creative force.



Tomáš Bittner’s artistic oeuvre is a vibrant exploration of color, form, and emotion, reflecting his deep engagement with abstract expressionism and his personal journey through various artistic mediums. His works are characterized by a rich tapestry of colors and textures, where each piece invites the viewer to explore the depths of their own consciousness. Bittner’s transition to painting allowed him to fully embrace the spontaneity of color and the physicality of the medium, creating works that pulsate with life and energy.

The artist’s approach to creating art is an immersive process that involves layering various materials to achieve a depth that transcends the two-dimensional canvas. His use of phosphors, loose pigments, and alcohol inks introduces a dynamic element to his work, where the interaction of materials and light brings his creations to life in unexpected ways. This method not only enhances the visual impact of his art but also imbues it with a sense of mystery and discovery, as viewers are invited to experience the work from multiple perspectives.

Bittner’s work is a celebration of the potential of abstract art to evoke emotion and provoke thought. His pieces are not merely visual experiences but are also deeply intellectual and emotional journeys that reflect his own explorations of self and society. Through his art, Bittner seeks to connect with the viewer on a profound level, offering a space for reflection and a momentary escape from the materialistic world. His commitment to using art as a medium for expressing and eliciting emotions positions him as a compelling voice in the contemporary art scene, inviting viewers to engage with his work in a meaningful and personal way.

Our Own Opinion is Our Light (in natural light | in infra light | in the dark)
Acrylic on Canvas
40 x 50
Selfless Family Bonds
Acrylic on Canvas
100 x 70



In my artistic journey, I have always been driven by the quest to understand and express the deeper truths of our existence. I found that abstract art, with its boundless potential for expression, offers a unique canvas to explore the nuances of our reality. The transition to this form of art was not merely a change in medium but a profound shift in my perception, enabling me to communicate more intimately with the world around me. My art is a dialogue with the viewer, an invitation to explore the layers of meaning and emotion that I weave into each piece.

The process of creating each artwork is an exploration of my own consciousness, a meditation on the themes that resonate with my soul. I strive to capture the essence of my thoughts and feelings, translating them into visual language that speaks to the viewer on an intuitive level. This exploration is not solitary; it is a shared journey with those who encounter my work, an opportunity for collective introspection and understanding. Through my art, I seek to inspire a deeper connection with the self and the world, challenging viewers to see beyond the superficial and embrace the complexities of their own inner landscapes.

My motivation stems from a desire to inspire joy, vitality, and introspection. Art, for me, is a tool for communication, a means to convey the beauty and depth of the human experience. It is a celebration of life, an acknowledgment of our shared journey through the complexities of existence. Each piece I create is an invitation to pause, reflect, and find a moment of connection with the essence of life. In this way, my art is not just an expression of my own journey but a bridge to the shared human experience, offering a path to understanding and empathy.




  • 2022: Participated in art salons in Belgrade and Athens.
  • 2022: Engaged in plein air painting in Korfantów – Artfriedlandiaum project.
  • 2023: Author’s exhibition “Into the Structure of Feeling” at Langhans Gallery, Prague.
  • 2023: Art in Prague 2023 and plein air painting in Korfantów – Artfriedlandiaum.
  • 2023: Artfriedlandiaum in Frýdlant na Ostravicí.
  • 2024: PRAGUE ART MEETING from January 24 to February 17.
  • 2024: Seoul Art Fair, South Korea, from May 9 to May 12.
  • 2024: Plein air painting in Korfantów, Poland, in August.
  • 2024: “Christmas in Art” exhibition in Paris, December.

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